Clash of Decks: Initiation Pack


Get the FREE INITIATION PACK (compatible in English version 🇺🇸 and in French version 🇫🇷) of Clash of Decks and then go to the next level with the STAND-ALONE EXTENSIONS ! Limited to 1 copy per customer.

Clash of Decks is a card game for 1 to 2 players, from 8 years old, playable in 15 minutes, designed by Léandre Proust, with illustrations by Studio Rexard and published by Grammes Édition. In this minimalist full-information game, you must create your army of 8 creatures and fight other Witch-Lords to destroy their fortresses!

Want to better understand how special abilities work and interact in the Clash of Decks INITIATION PACK? We recommend the GRIMOIRE: INITIATION as well as the RULEBOOK: PAPER VERSION !

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1,5 cm