Easy to learn, hard to master

Clash of Decks is a dueling card game for 1 to 2 players aged 8+, that plays in 15 minutes, designed by Léandre Proust, with artwork from Studio Rexard, and published by Grammes Édition. Create your army of 8 units and fight other Lord-Sorcerers to destroy their Strongholds!

33 languages available

More than 50 backers from the first campaign volunteered to help the entire world understand and play Clash of Decks.

A great community

Clash of Decks's campaigns thus experienced a tremendous surge of popularity thanks to the support of more than 24.000 backers.

Play it for free

Play Clash of Decks for free in Print and Play, on Board Game Arena, on Tabletopia or on TableTop Simulator.

Grammes Edition: Team

Grammes Édition is a French family-owned publishing house created in 2020 by Léandre Proust and Adeline Deslais. Both trained toy librarians, they have been working in the boardgame industry for more than 10 years. Today, they are focused on developing Grammes Édition through the monthly publication of the PhiliMag (a boardgame magazine), and the publication of the Clash of Decks game.

Léandre Proust

Co-founder & Game Designer

Léandre is a hyperactive designer who likes to experiment. A crazy and impractical idea? Let's do it!

Adeline Deslais


Adeline manages administrative and accounting tasks. She is so good at organizing and planning!

Clément Proust

Graphic Designer

Clément is an astonishing autodidact. It can create websites, videos, visuals or applications. But what does he not know how to do?

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What players say

Here are some reviews from players who have played Clash of Decks.


"I think this game is brilliant in its simplicity to learn and the complexity of the strategy that is possible. If you like strategy card games, this is a great game to play."



"Love how they simplified this game type to make quick games with not too much handling of tokens, counters.... Then added some nice twist to keep a real depth to it!"



"Great design packaged into extremely lightweight game. Clever and unique!"