This offer matches EXACTLY (price and content) the ALL-IN pledge available during the Clash of Decks Season 3 Kickstarter campaign. This offer is available until June 30, 2023, to allow latecomers who missed the Kickstarter campaign to join the adventure!

IMPORTANT: Delivery is FREE and will be made only in SEPTEMBER 2023. If you add this item to your cart, all items in your cart will ship at the same time in SEPTEMBER 2023.

This offer includes all Season 3 expansions: Dissension, Belligerence, Slyness and Bogging down. As well as various additional contents: 11 Grimoires in booklet, 2 game mats, 1 storage box, 200 sleeves, 1 metal coin, 1 initiation pack, a paper version of the rules of the game updated with the 3 new multiplayer game modes and 1 early access key to the Clash of Decks mobile video game beta (sent by email, during June 2023)!

Note: this offer does not include the giant posters offered in the Stretch Goals of the Season 3 Kickstarter campaign!

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